Friday, August 07, 2009

Important Updates from Commish Dan Miller

Commissioner Dan Miller has blanketed his website with important news and information about what's happening right now in Mt. Lebanon:

A review of the status of RAD funding cuts for the Mt. Lebanon Library

Pushing an initiative regarding the condition of "private streets" in Mt. Lebanon

The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department needs new recruits and citizens to help find them

Community notes (the coming ULTRA Party, the Denis Theater film series, LeboALERT, the Veterans Committee, and an answer to a question that I wouldn't think to ask about staffing snow plows)

Questions and answers about the new "speed humps" on Mapleton and Altoona

Question and answer about "paper streets" or unimproved rights of way in Mt. Lebanon, with a very helpful and informative map of those "paper streets." I take it that this is an authoritative map maintained by the Municipality. (Unfortunately and understandably, it does not indicate either the legal ownership or the beneficial ownership of the rights of way. But it does confirm that they are indeed rights of way and that the Municipality regards them as such, which partly answers a question that has come up on this blog before in connection with private efforts to block access to them.)

An update about the Mt. Lebanon Historical Society

A summary of Mt. Lebanon Fire Department standards for "cover," meaning response times and special risk factors in different zones of Mt. Lebanon.

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Blogger gina said...

Thanks to Commish Miller for going the extra mile in communicating happenings not just in his ward but in all of Mt. Lebanon!

August 07, 2009 12:52 PM  

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