Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mt. Lebanon's Proposed Capital Improvement Program

More catching up:

Mt. Lebanon (the Municipality) has posted an online five-year (2010-2014) $43 million "Capital Improvement Program." The plan was produced by Municipal Manager Steve Feller (no doubt with able assistance from his staff) and has been submitted to the Commission for review and eventual modification (perhaps) and approval. A public hearing is scheduled for October 12. A vote on adoption is scheduled for December 14. (Both dates come from the document itself.)

The document is 103 pages long and deserves careful review. There is a great deal of detail, both about finances and about priorities and the criteria used to assess both. (That's great!) An essential part of the document is the Assumptions page (page 5 of the document). As I read that list of Assumptions, the Municipality is saying, in effect, that the general economic and demographic conditions that Mt. Lebanon has experienced over the last few years will continue through the life of the plan. The Municipality acknowledges that some important things may change; most important of those is the Allegheny County real estate assessment system, which right now is in a state of flux.

Click here to review the CIP.


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