Friday, July 13, 2012

Patch: 'Nuns on the Bus' Tour Stops in Mt. Lebanon to Protest Federal Budget

To make sure her followers got her message loud and clear, Sister Simone Campbell had them repeat it: “Reasonable revenue for responsible programs.”

That’s the Cliff’s Notes version of the federal budget proposition put forth by the group of women traveling through nine states, calling themselves Nuns on the Bus for their mode of transportation.

“There’s an alternative. It’s called the Faithful Budget,” Campbell said Wednesday afternoon following the nuns’ stop to speak with staff members at the Mt. Lebanon office of U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair. “It has 55 pages. That’s a little daunting when you’re trying to do a sound bite, but I can it to you in five words, and we’re going to learn real fast.”

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