Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lebo: More on Community Relations

Over at Pittsblog, Dennis Roddy left a great comment on the "Plus ca change" post. An excerpt:
In short, what we see in Mt. Lebanon, I think, is the failure of the region to include African Americans in its economic growth. When the region boomed, obviously, the exclusion was based on race. Now, with the region declining economically in an era in which racism is considered immoral by some or at least declasse by others, we are seeing the effects of indifference and cluelessness. In short, as much as "affirmative action" is decried as either unworkable or 'reverse discrimination" we cannot reverse the effects of discrimination without actively trying to reverse it. In short, political and civic leaders have to develop a strategy that will end the economic isolation of the black community. When this is done, we'll see more African Americans in Mt. Lebanon.

Read the whole thing.
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