Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lebo's Retail Tax

An editorial in Wednesday's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review did not have anything nice to say about the proposed Washington Road Improvement District. At least 40 percent of the affected property owners must file written objections by Dec. 7 to terminate the plan. Otherwise, Mt. Lebanon commissioners could approve it.


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Anonymous RichW said...

Speaking as only a minority owner of a retail establishment (I have no idea if the majority owner agrees), the best fix for Washington Road businesses is to have the same type of diagonal parking as commercial establisments on Beverly Road currently enjoy. There's no other improvement that would even come close to the upside that would have. People don't want to use the garages unless they have to (unless it's free) and most people don't like parallel parking (not to mention being ticketed for being a minute over time).

Of course chaning the parking configuration would require going to three lanes instead of the current four on Washington Road. It could be done, but it will never happen.

Absent that change, this "tax" is both unfair as noted in the article, and, I believe, a waste. The money will be used on too many "old school", "safe" and "easily comprehensible" marketing activities as opposed to what the street really needs - a hefty dose of outbound conversation, like that already being carried out at Planet Art and Aldo Coffee.

If every retailer on the street were doing the same, then perhaps the street actually would be perceived as a "cool destination" by folks from inside and outside the area.

December 01, 2006 4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am a business owner on the street and totally disagree. I have been open for over a year now and have NEVER had anyone complain about parking. I do offer validation if someone spends over $100,--which ALL businesses should do, so maybe that is why I don't hear any complaints. It is less than a min. walk from the garages to most shops & on Saturday it is $1.00 for the whole day! I mean seriously that is NOTHING compared to what most areas charge. People who complain are just lazy or like to complain if you ask me. I mean you can’t walk a half a block??? If it’s such an issue for your customers, then do what I do –validate. Additionally, I totally disagree that the money will be used for "safe" marketing. We all want to do a lot of different events, things that aren’t being done, and we all really want to make this street a destination area. Linda (planet art) had recently sent a link to Fredrick, MD where I have been several times because I have a great friend that lives there--and the kinds of things they do are incredible and are great for business owners and the community as well. I have to say that to write something off that brings change and revitalization is "old school". Just my 2 cents.

December 02, 2006 4:00 PM  

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