Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mt. Lebanon Digs Out After 4th-Greatest Recorded Snowfall

The National Weather Service has ranked the recent snowfall – 21.1 inches – as the region’s 4th greatest for a single storm, coming in a few inches behind the 1993 superstorm’s 25.3 inches. The Mt. Lebanon Emergency Management Agency declared a snow emergency, and most residents spent the morning in their homes, watching the snow fall.

Many residents did brave the snow, however. Aldo Coffee reported a near-record morning. It would seem that in Mt. Lebanon, coffee drinkers would rather risk snowy dangers than caffeine withdrawal.

In the early afternoon the snow subsided, and residents ventured outdoors. The youngest took to sledding and other forms of wintry merriment, but most residents started the laborious process of shoveling themselves out. Casey West tweeted that it took him (and his helpers) about three and a half hours to finish the job.

How did the snowstorm affect you? If you have stories or photos, please share them.

Read more:Updated 2010-02-08 11:00 to link to additional coverage.

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