Thursday, May 13, 2010

Firefighter Makes Valiant Effort

On Mother's Day morning, Dan Miller was driving with his wife through Ohio, 10 minutes west of Steubenville, when they saw a plume of black smoke rising beyond the road.

Mr. Miller, a Mt. Lebanon commissioner and a volunteer for the municipality's fire department, pulled off Route 151 to investigate. He found flames shooting out of a two-story wooden house. A woman was screaming that her baby was still inside.

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Read more: Commissioner Miller's posting regarding the fire

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because of Dan Miller's heroic efforts, I felt compelled to see if there was a fund for Savannah Creamer's family. I just got off the phone with the funeral home who buried Savannah yesterday. There are no funds set up for donations, but David Mosti, the funeral director of Mosti Funeral Home said that we could make out checks to Mosti Funeral Home and note that it is for Savannah Creamer's family. He has been funneling donations their way. He said they have nothing, so the funeral home handled the expenses. Here is the address, if anyone would like to send a donation.

Mosti Funeral Home
4435 Sunset Blvd.
Steubenville, OH 43953
phone is 740-264-4767

Dan, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Elaine Gillen

May 13, 2010 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Bill Lewis said...

The Fire Fighters Creed

"When I'm called to duty God
wherever flames my rage
give me strength to save a life
whatever be it's age

"Help me embrace a little child
before it is too late
or save an older person from
the horror of that fate

"Enable me to be alert
to hear the weakest shout
and quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out

"I want to fill my calling and
to give the best in me
to guard my neighbor and
protect his property

"And if according to your will
I have to lose my life
bless with your protecting hand
my children and my wife "

Let us not forget that Dan risked his life for strangers in the presence of his wife and child.

May 13, 2010 10:53 PM  

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