Monday, April 18, 2011

School board approves first steps of reorganization

At its meeting on April 18, 2011, the Mt. Lebanon school board approved the first steps of superintendent Dr. Timothy Steinhauer’s proposed reorganization of top staff positions. The board made five appointments.

Dr. Deborah Allen’s appointment was extended for an additional two years. Under the new plan, she will become the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education.

Dr. Ronald Davis, currently the high-school principal, will become the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education.

Brian McFeeley, the principal of Mellon Middle School, will replace Davis as the high-school principal.

Peter Berg, currently the Supervisor of School Counseling, will become the High School Dean of Students, another new position.

Greg Wensell, currently the Supervisor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Business and Information Technology, will become the principal of Jefferson Elementary School. Wensell will replace Mike Schnirel, who is retiring.

Sources in the school district say the reorganization is expected to make the district run more effectively. Lines of communication will become clearer, and the resources to solve problems will be placed closer to the people working on those problems.

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