Friday, May 06, 2011

P-G: Family's donation aids glass project for St. Bernard

After suffering brain damage at birth, Angela Colella was left blind and in a fragile state. When she died last year at age 25 of respiratory failure, her mother, Joanne Kosar, was at her bedside.

"I told her now you can run and play and talk and do all the things you never did," Mrs. Kosar said. Her daughter's death Sept. 10 also bequeathed a whole other legacy.

While in life she could not help herself do the most simple things, "now she can do something for everybody," said Mrs. Kosar of the gift she and her husband, Mark Kosar, gave to St. Bernard Parish in Mt. Lebanon.

In Angela's memory, the couple donated $115,000 to the church for the first restoration of its more than 100 stained glass windows.

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