Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letter: When will we take responsibility for rebuilding Mt. Lebanon?

The following is a letter to the editors of Blog-Lebo. It comes from reader, commenter, and frequent letter-writer John Kendrick. —Tom

To the Community of Mt Lebanon,

As I read the threads on this Blog I have asked myself, “At what point will our generation assume responsibility and begin the hard work that is needed to rebuild what was once a great community?” We were given a great treasure from our predecessors, but our generation has not maintained this gift, and all that I have heard is a recurring theme of provisions and entitlements. Who is going to pay for this list of endless demands? Who is going to pay to maintain the resources that we already have? Who is going to repair our streets, our sidewalks, and our dysfunctional school system?

I hope that all of you will consider these questions, because our future, and the future of your children will be determined by the decisions that we are making today.

John David Kendrick
Mt. Lebanon, PA

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Anonymous Chris Musuneggi said...

I am not sure which generation you are referring to or if I'm in it, but I agree that we must maintain our community. I think the problem is the definition of maintain. We need to take care of what we have, before we spend millions on building new amenities. If we want to spend money maintaining, fixing and upgrading the pool or the current ball fields or other amenities that is fine, but do we really need to add additional fields at this point? If we had maintained what we have all along, we may not need to spend millions now to fix them.

August 30, 2011 12:22 PM  
Anonymous John David Kendrick said...

I am not against spending PROVIDED that it adds tangible value to the community - and in this case we desperately need tangible value that we can monetize so that we can repair: our streets, our sidewalks; Bird Park; etc.

Has anyone associated with either the High School project or any of these athletic endeavors EVER presented a credible, fact-based argument on exactly how an investment in any of these projects will result in an increase in our property values or business activity in our community?

How do these projects fit into our Community Economic Development Plan? Where is the economic development officer these days? We don't hear much from him. Does Mt Lebanon even have a plan?

I hope that everyone thinks about which candidates move beyond altruistic views and offers constructive and actionable plans on HOW they will achieve tangible results during their terms in office.

August 30, 2011 1:28 PM  

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